"Portland's Anna Hoone delivers the kind of straightforward folk that comes bristling with poetic barbs...Hoone's voice is a vessel of poise and of prose-heavy lyricism that recalls the melodic grit of songsmiths like Lucinda Williams. [Her songwriting] is replete with the kind of imagery Americana purists crave and fans of country/western revere as foundational tenets. - Ryan J. Prado, Willamette Week


Rooted in old-time gospel, country, and folk traditions,  Anna Hoone's classic Americana is influenced by the staggering beauty of the landscape around her and a certain ever-present longing for home and companionship.  

Her stark, straightforward lyrics reflect universal truths about the hardships and trials we all face.  Hoone's voice is soft, lilting, and precise, with an edge that comes from having lived the words she sings.

Anna grew up in rural southern Oregon, and has called Kentucky and Montana home at one point or another. She has studied music in Senegal and Austria, and has discovered that no matter where you go, the truth of the song is what matters most. 

Anna lives in a tiny trailer in SE Portland where most of these songs are crafted.